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Louis Roederer is a producer of champagne based in Reims, France. Founded in 1776, it was inherited and renamed by Louis Roederer in 1833. It remains today as one of the only still independent and family-run maisons de champagne (champagne houses). Over 3.5 million bottles of Louis Roederer champagne are shipped each year to more than 100 countries.


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Correctional Officer (Former Employee) says

"I am not a fan of Kentucky department of corrections for the state. Very good ok boy . They pick people they want to succeed and go after the ones they don’t. Very sexist department"

Correctional Officer (Former Employee) says

"I worked in the prison system for around 2 years and it was terrible by the time i left. The management people never looked out for you and as soon as they got what they wanted they would not be there to help you with your needs. Overtime is mandatory at all state prisons and right now Roederer mandates each employee at least 2 to 3 days a week, which means 16 hour days. That's pretty rough when your working with inmates for a living and you never know if one of them could hurt you.Free Vegetables off the farm during harvest timeShort to no breaks, Mandated Overtime, Management, Superiors, Dirty Environment, A lot of Politics and Drama"

CORRECTIONAL OFFICER (Former Employee) says

"Pay was good, but no work/life balance. You have to arrive 30 minutes early for role call, unpaid, and you never know what part of the facility you will be working in until to make it to role call. It is hard to get time off as well.payshort breaks"

Prison Chaplain (Current Employee) says

"Stressful and negative environment, but a fertile ministry field. I have over a 70 minute drive each way. There are no insurance benefits for me, no retirement for me, and the pay is too low.Earning vacation, sick day and comp timenegative enviornment, length of drive"

Property Officer 2 (Former Employee) says

"Learned How to deal with people of all backgrounds.Trained how to supervise inmates in day to day work setting.Learned how to conduct daily warehouse operations, including inventory management, shipping and recieving and towmotor operation.Learned how to conduct a large scale inventory.Learned to use the inventory control program EMARS.Learned how to work with supervisors in diffrent department and get all personel to work together.good retirement, great job security.manditory overtime for most personel, dealing with inmates."

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